1791 Bill of Rights


The American Basics covers some

of the foundational building blocks

that make up our history that every

American should know.


The United States has a rich history

and we need to share that history

with each generation.


In his book  J.D. Ringer has assembled

those basic pieces of knowledge that

are often being overlooked. Then he has arranged them into an easy to follow format. 

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1838 Samuel Morse

Invents the

Morse Code

1806 Noah Webster Publishes

Webster Dictionary

1814 Francis Scott Key


“The Star Spangled Banner”.

Here are just some of the topics covered:

*The Original 13 Colonies

*The Declaration of Independence

*The Preamble to the Constitution

*The Constitution of the United States of America

*The Bill of Rights (First 10 Amendments)

*Amendments (To the Constitution)


*States & Capitals of the United States of America

*Presidents of the United States of America

*U. S. Military/Wars  and Conflicts

The American Basics is the book that insures we not only remember, but to also pass on those fundamentals to the next generation.